Beer Tastings by Good Beer Larry
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Beer Tastings

We offer several sizes and types of craft beer tastings. From small private affairs to coprorate events at larger clubs or hotels. The tastings vary from a standard light beer to darker / stronger beer tasting to an event with several beers of the same style. Regional or seasonal beer tastings are popular too. With the explosive growth in Florida craft breweries an all Floirda tasting is a great idea. The possibilities are almost unlimited for beer tasting events. Below are several different types of tastings we offer; contact us today so we can plan a great tasting for you today. There are some photos of a few of our tastings at the bottom of this page.

Using his complete knowledge of beer and related businesses; craft beer aficionado, beer tasting extraordinaire Larry Goeser (Good Beer Larry) has taught beer to people from all around the world. His background includes beer tastings, beer and food pairings and other quality beer events at local restaurants and bars. He also has taught and developed beer curriculum at Miami Dade College.

Smaller Private Tastings: Let us help you plan your beer tasting event. At a recent event there were eight beers to taste along with appropriate snacks. The smaller in home events allow for flexibility and unique ideas. We meet with the host to make sure everything goes according to plan. Special requests can usually be accommodated. A special day or happening can be a great time to have a beer tasting. At every tasting we provide tasting sheets and pens to take notes on the beers tasted. These can be customized for the occasion. Other beer related handouts are available. Fun beer facts and figures are presented. Contact us to help you plan your beer tasting event today. Tastings at Local Restaurants and Beer Bars: We offer beer event services to local venues of many sizes. We have set up several that are now monthly events that patrons can count on each month. Other ideas are themed events; seasonal beer events and events highlighting the beers served at the bar. We can provided all beer related planning services. Custom tasting sheets are provided at all events. Different events may need other beer related handouts from our library of beer classes. With notice the event will be listed in our monthly e-newsletter which goes to local craft beer drinkers. E-mail services can be provided for any event; contact us for more information.

Larger Private Tastings and Events: The same event ideas are available; the group or venue is larger. The beer tasting might be one of several 'bars' serving at a large party / event. The tasting would be part of a continuing event within the larger event. Samples would be available for all beers; when a guest likes a beer they could get a regular serving of that beer and continue on to other areas of the party. Beer tasting related handouts would be available for those interested. We also can assist with e-mail blasts and other marketing tools for your event. Contact us for more information.

Corporate Craft Beer Events: Your guests want to do something new and different after their day out or meetings. We will lead the presentation and present a complete beer tasting event for your guests. Written tasting sheets are provided as well as handouts, from our library, about a particular subject about beer. Craft beer is gaining in popularity and we present it in an interesting and fun way. Our dedication and enthusiasm for craft beer will spread to the audience and everyone will have fun. The beer event will have everyone talking about it creating a 'buzz' about the hotel / club and event. Contact us today to start planning an event.
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