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Craft Beer

Classes available when and where you need them

Craft Beer Class Glass Art

Classes available include the 'six pack' described below as well as other craft beer related classes.

Each class is a complete class on it's own. There are handouts for all the curriculum in each class. Most classes have several handouts; some go with several classes. "How to Taste Beer" is a good example of material that will be relevant in more that one class. There are Power Point presentations for all six classes as well. Everything will be customized for the person or organization receiving the class. Logos, special sections or new material can all be added to existing class material to make it yours. Contact us today about customized classes.

Certified Beer Server Class

NEW! Since I have achieved the Cicerone Certified Beer Server (CBS) designation I can help you or your employees do the same. Following the Cicerone syllabus I have created a comprehensive study guide and support classes to go with it. This was done as a way to study the material and to be able to teach others the importance of the Cicerone program and the associated material. When the class is completed the student will be fully prepared for the certification exam. They will also be well on their way on the rank of Certified Cicerone, the next level of the program. The CBS designation is useful for anyone interested in craft beer knowledge and almost required for craft beer related jobs. Contact me for more on this exciting new class. Learn more about Cicerone HERE.



Teaching Beer 101 at MDC



Classes from Miami Culinary Institute

The course description for the beer classes originally at MCI: Learn all about craft beers: how they are made, their history, the many varied styles available and taste a few along the way. Explore the various tastes of beers and how to have your own beer tasting. The classes consist of 2 hour sessions, each dedicated to something different about the craft beer movement now taking hold worldwide. Some class photos are below. View and Print Class Poster (PDF).

These six classes are now part of our "Six Pack" of Classes available to any organization large or small. You can have just one class or all six. You design your own personal 'six pack'. Each class is described below and can include a tasting as well. We also offer training on all aspects of beer for bars, restaurants and hotels. At off hours we come in and help train your staff to become more aware of the current craft beer scene and the beers available. Then they can talk beer with knowledge and confidence which will help the business increase sales. Everyone wins here; the customer finds a knowledgeable staff that knows beer and discover that the venue has craft beer available. The employee has good knowledge to direct customers to certain beers that they will like. This will generate goodwill and tips. The business lets people know what beers they have and increases repeat business as well as more sales for the bar in general. Overall communication is increased so the business can adapt to the changing market and please it's customers both new and old. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you increase customer appreciation, employee satisfaction and beer sales.


Beer Classes listed below are "mix and match"; choose what you want when you want it.


Class # 1. The history of beer. Beer and the rise of civilization. Learn about beer from 4000 BC to the modern American craft beer movement. Beer history starts almost 6000 years ago and the brewing advances have been many. Louis Pasteur's discoveries and their importance to modern beer bottling operations. See how beer has advanced throughout history.

Class # 2 The Brewing Process. Discuss the six stages of the brewing process: Malt, Mash, Brew Kettle, Fermentation, Aging / Conditioning and Carbonation. Introduction to beer tasting and what to look for while tasting beer. How to Taste Beer. Introduction to Beer Styles.

Class # 3 Beer Styles. In depth discussion of styles of beer; how they came about and how they are changing. Show the different glassware for various styles and why they developed. How two beers of the same style can be totally different. Modern American Craft brewers. Introduce flavor profiles and how they relate to beer tasting. 2017 Brewers Association Style Guidelines. (PDF)

Class # 4. Beer and Food. Introduce beer and food pairings now popular at breweries and pubs nationwide. Flavor profiles as they relate to beer and food. The beer flavor wheel. Food pairing and food intensity; how different foods react to other foods and beer. Cooking with beer. How to plan food and beer pairings with different food groups. Beer and cheese, meats, veggies and more. Beer dinner planning.

Class # 5 German and Belgian Beers. Discuss German styles and how they differ from English styles. The German purity law of 1516 and its effects still happening today. Many different tastes and styles. All flavors come only from the 4 ingredients in the law.
Belgian styles and how they came about and their rising popularity in today’s market.

Class # 6 The Business of Beer. Discuss the many regulations related to beer in today's market. The three tier system and it's effects on the market. Other laws including bottle size laws, brewpub and small breweries regulations and blue laws. Define 'craft brewer' as related to size, ownership and product. Beer taxes; both state and federal. Many other daily happenings of any beer business will be studied.

Beer_101_Ready_for_Class Craft_Beer_Class_Tasting Beer_Class_Student_Led_Tasting
Beer_Class_Instruction Beer_Class_Pouring_Beer Professor_at_Work

Class Card



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