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In case you missed it...View the latest Beer Blast e-mail newslstter on the web

Current Events: As you read in the "Blast" mergers and acquisitions are happening all the time in the craft beer industry. This time it's Wicked Weed of Asheville, NC. They have been acquired by Anheuser Busch's High End. For more see the full article.

There have been numerous brewery acquisitions, mergers and consolidations over the years. Many have been big brewers buying up smaller breweries. Some are investment groups. I found a list that starts in 1988 and ends with the above transaction in 2017. See the list HERE.

Welcome to Good Beer Larry.com where beer is everything! We are all about good beer. This site has several different areas that are used to promote Craft Beer (Good Beer) in many ways. Beer Tastings and Beer Classes are excellent ways to increase knowledge of craft beers. A tasting brings in new customers or can be a great party idea. Beer classes or school is a way to increase knowledge among beer drinkers and servers alike. Contact us for more.There are many different breweries, brewpubs and beer bars in what has become a healthy growing industry. As the industry has grown; things have changed immensely. Now there are more craft beer events; tastings, festivals, beer and food pairings everywhere. The growth rate continues; the big three show little or flat growth but the craft beer segment continues to grow. This isn't good marketing; it's good product! People are finding out, as I did, that "real" beer is great. These craft breweries have some great, dedicated people working at a place they want to come into each day. Work is still work but if you like what you are doing it changes everything. In 2013 there will be more craft beer events, tastings and festivals than ever. Florida is coming into it's own with new craft breweries opening up statewide. See my 2013 review page for reviews of visits to festivals, breweries and brewpubs, and events that I created this year. See the Media page for various media appearences and interviews. My "Beer Blast" archive page has links to past e-mail 'Blasts' Attend your local event or plan a road trip to an out of town festival or other beer event. Below is a complete listing of services and events offered.

Beer Cicerone Program - Certified Beer Server Designation

I have achieved the first level of the Beer Cicerone program, "Certified Beer Server". The Cicerone Certification Program seeks to improve beer quality by certifying the knowledge and tasting skills of those who sell and serve beer. Knowledgeable beer professionals mean better beer for beer consumers and better business for brewers and businesses who sell beer. See my Classes page for information on assistance to help others achieve the CBS designation and more.

Cicerone Certification information website.

When it was launched, the Cicerone Certification Program brought a new concept to the beer & hospitality industries. Namely, that selling and serving beer wasn't just a simple matter of popping the top off a longneck. After decades of virtual uniformity, beers were no longer all the same; serving them well required knowledge about many styles and flavors. And despite common belief, beer was not immutable. The actions of servers, bars and distributors could spoil beer's flavor. And finally: that beer's broad range of grain, hop and yeast flavors expressed in a wide variety of styles made an unbeatable partner for many foods. You can find out more at Cicerone.org View my Official CBS Certificate.

I have attended the Advance Brewing class at FIU's Brewing Lab. I received a certificate and will pursue more brewing opportunities. I got some hands on brewing experience and learned that home brewers are resourceful when it comes to brewing. Brewing can be done many different ways; sometimes you have to use your creativity to find / invent the different tools and equipment for brewing. The school received a grant to get a 'commercial' type system which is now part ov the brewing science program. There is a brewing club - BREW FIU that meets and brews whenever possible. It's all good and the beers usually are too!

Craft Beer Events - Personal to Corporate

Personal Events: This year make your big party a craft beer tasting or have it as part of the fun. I can host and manage tastings of all sizes and scope. From a small personal tasting at your home or place of your choice to a larger event where the beer tasting is one of several parts of the event. Recently I organized a surprise party for a group. They provided the venue and I take care of everything related to beer. From the choice of beer, tasting sheets and other beer centric handouts and breweriana for display to procuring the beer everything was handled. There are usually many different questions about beer; I handle everything. All the party givers and goers had to do was get there and enjoy the event. The event went well; the party was a complete surprise to the special couple and the beer tasting was a success. See more about the surprise event HERE. For many events I take photos and put them up on the Good Beer Larry Facebook page; here's a posting for a small event. Contact me to create a great event for you today!

Corporate Events: Tired of the same old cocktail event? Have a craft beer tasting at your next corporate hospitality event. A customer appreciation event will be more fun for the customers if a craft beer tasting is part of the event. Craft beer is growing in popularity and many want to know more. Many people have no idea where to start or even what brews they might like. As a Cicerone Program Certified Beer Server I am prepared to take care of everything related to beer for any event. From a small office party to various sizes of hospitality events I handle everything related to beer for the event. This includes selecting the appropriate beers, glassware and snacks. Depending on the size and venue I can provide beer; if your event is in a large hotel or convention center I work with the staff to get the beer ordered and ready for the event. In a meeting room setting, the craft beer could be part of a larger event with food and other drinks provided by the venue as they would normally do. The ideas are almost unlimited; contact me about your next event and I will help make your event a success. A few examples: Eggersmann USA, a German kitchen company, held a German beer and food pairing in their showroom in the DCOTA in Dania, FL. From the DCOTA website on the event: "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder August 9 -4 to 6 PM. Wander around our showroom as you sample some of Germany's finest brews and pair them with your favorite German cuisine. An afternoon of culture from the country that brings us the finest cars, the finest kitchens and the finest beers! Designers and architects bring your cards for a chance to win a fabulous prize. Beer tasting by Larry Goeser, Certified Beer server and creator of Good Beer Larry." The invitation to the event is HERE. The event went well, see more on the yearly review page. As with most of my events some pictures are taken and posted on the Good Beer Larry Facebook page. This way they can be shared with interested parties. Original photo files can be provided for publication in company e-mail blasts or newsletters. Recently, I was hired by John Zink Hamworthy Combustion for a craft beer tasting at their customer appreciation event at an annual convention in Orlando, FL. See the invitation to the event. The attendance was between 150 and 200 people throughout the evening. Everything went well; the craft beer table was quite popular. The room was set up with appetizers all around, regular cocktail bar and caricature artists sketching anyone who wished. I engaged with the customers who had many different questions about craft beer and beer in general. Many had no idea what to try; this is the purpose of a tasting; try a small sample to see what they might like. This way no one gets 'stuck' with a full glass of something they might not like. All the beers selected went over well; there were six total from Pilsner to Stout. There are a few pictures of this great corporate event on the Good Beer Larry Facebook page. The event review is on our Events Page. View the event poster created for the event. I offer graphic arts services for events and provide tasting sheets and beer description handouts at all events. Contact me to begin work on your special event.

Restaraunts and Bars: If you own or manage a restaurant or other dining establishment I can help organize your event. The organization could be help on choosing beers and theme, set up, marketing the event and creating handouts, web pages and e-mail blasts to get the word out. At the actual event I handle the group with pouring the beers and having complete knowledge of all the beers and anything beer related. I take care of the beer end and your staff only has to do what they usually do. Beer and food pairings are a newer area of the craft beer scene. A beer dinner is where a small taste of beer is paired with food that goes well with that beer's style and taste. The ideas are limitless and I offer my services to help plan and carry out any craft beer event. You could have an event for friends at your home. Or something for clients at an outside venue. Contact me for more information and to discuss ideas for your event!

Beer School

Classes: Using his complete knowledge of beer and related businesses; craft beer aficionado, beer tasting extraordinaire, Certified Cicerone Beer server Larry Goeser (Good Beer Larry) has taught beer to people from all around the world. His background includes beer tastings, beer and food pairings and other quality beer events at local restaurants, hotels and bars. He also has taught and developed beer curriculum at the Miami Dade College. Coming soon: Craft Beer Class at Miami Culinary Institute. See my Beer Classes page for more. View Class Flyer.

e-mail Marketing / Social Media Marketing Services

E-mail and e-mail marketing: I am the "e-mail man" everywhere I work. This means everything from setting it up, making it work for you or your company, fighting and eliminating bad e-mail (Spam) and managing the e-mail locally or remotely. If you are in need of any of these type services I can help you. Many craft breweries, pubs and stores don't have the time or budget to have a full time person on their e-mail needs. Everyone needs it but many don't want to deal with it or any of the issues that come with it. Contact me for more details. The marketing side of the e-mail uses a service that works well for companies of any size. This is targeted marketing not spamming thousands of addresses. You want people to want your e-mails. A brewpub, for example, would have a sign up spot on their website and at the pub. This would eventually produce a list of people that actually want to hear form you. You then could have weekly or monthly newsletters telling about what events you are having, new beers, menu items etc. See my "Beer Blast" archive page to see the monthly brewsletter I have been creating for over three years. You can see my progress as the "Blast" went from just a listing of beer happenings to a professionally designed and written piece. Your company could use something like this to promote events, new products or internal promotions. Of course this applies to any industry, not just craft beer producers. See my e-mail marketing page for more details The social networking websites, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Linkedin etc.are now being utilized for promotions of all types. I have Twitter and Facebook accounts for this site and they have served me well. I stay in touch with craft beer enthusiasts, producers and other interested parties. I then can spread the word about them and they return the favor.

Web Services: Design sites from the ground up, update existing sites, manage sites, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing I have been in this business since 1997. See website for details.


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